CureDRPLA’s team meets in person for the first time

by | May 20, 2022 | News Articles

Last week CureDRPLA’s team met for the first time after +2 years of working together remotely!!! We met for the 2022 CureDRPLA Research Conference in Boston (USA), which was a huge success! Next week we will post an article summarising the conference and the main takeaways.

Image left to right:

  • Aliza Ben-Varon – Master’s student in Jeff Carroll’s lab
  • Andrea Compton – CureDRPLA president and co-founder
  • Paul Compton – CureDRPLA co-founder
  • Silvia Prades – DRPLA Research Manager
  • Julie Greenfield – Head of Research at Ataxia UK
  • Jeff Carroll – CureDRPLA advisor and Huntington’s disease researcher