Poster session at ICAR

by | Nov 14, 2022 | News Articles

Poster sessions are a great way of showing a research project to a large number of scientists. Our Research Manager, presented a poster at the International Congress for Ataxia Research on November 1-4th, 2022. ICAR was the largest ever conference about ataxia with a total of 458 attendees.

Our poster focused on the CureDRPLA Global Patient Registry, which currently has 35 participants. In DRPLA, clinical manifestations differ according to the age at onset and the CAG repeat size, and this was shown in our poster. It is crucial to collect information from as many individuals with DRPLA as possible to determine if there are any trends that can inform us about symptom onset and progression. Participating in this registry is the best way to support our efforts in advancing DRPLA research. To find out more about our registry visit this page.