Building meaningful connections at the International Movement Disorders Congress

by | Sep 6, 2023 | News Articles

CureDRPLA was a proud exhibitor at the International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in Copenhagen, held from August 27-31. This event drew in a remarkable crowd of over 5,200 in-person attendees representing more than 100 countries.

This congress served as the perfect platform for us to not only raise awareness about DRPLA but also to showcase our work and grow this community. Our booth became a hub of engagement, predominantly frequented by medical professionals, as well as delegates from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

For our first time attending a conference as an exhibitor, the outcome exceeded our expectations! We managed to reconnect with professionals who follow individuals with DRPLA who are very familiar with our efforts. Equally significant was the chance to introduce CureDRPLA to professionals who were previously unaware of our existence, promising to extend our reach to DRPLA families worldwide through these physicians.  

Given the rarity of DRPLA, families often feel isolated. Witnessing how our efforts radiate out across the world is profoundly rewarding. CureDRPLA is committed to maintaining a presence at conferences of this caliber, ensuring that physicians who encounter individuals with ataxia, including DRPLA, continue to have us at the forefront of their minds.