New initiative: DRPLA Centers of Excellence

by | Dec 7, 2023 | News Articles

DRPLA is a complex and heterogeneous condition that impacts many aspects of everyday life, thus individuals affected and their families require access to specialized care to better understand it and find the best way to manage it while a treatment becomes available.

CureDRPLA has launched this initiative to award an accreditation of “DRPLA Centers of Excellence” to those neurologists who have experience in DRPLA care and commit to supporting the work of our organization. In addition to providing expert clinical care and identifying the various needs of those diagnosed with DRPLA, the Centers must have an ongoing interest in research into DRPLA.

With this initiative, we aim to help families more easily identify clinical experts in DRPLA for their healthcare needs. Applications are now open, visit the Centers page to review the designation criteria and application process.