Insights from the International Drug Repurposing conference

by | Mar 28, 2024 | News Articles

On March 6-7, 2024, the International Drug Repurposing conference took place in Barcelona, bringing together nearly 200 attendees. Among them was Dr. Silvia Prades, our Research Manager, representing our commitment to advancing research.

Drug repurposing consists of identifying a novel clinical use for an existing drug approved for a different indication. For example, aspirin was originally developed as an analgesic and later was approved at lower doses to prevent cardiovascular events. By leveraging drugs that have already undergone rigorous testing and approval processes, drug repurposing significantly shortens the timeline from discovery to getting the drug to the patients. It also reduces risks and costs compared to traditional drug development methods. While drug repurposing holds promise, it is not without its hurdles. Finding the right drug candidates and securing funding for research and clinical trials remain significant challenges.

Speakers and panelists at the conference presented a wealth of information on the latest developments in drug repurposing for rare diseases. Their insights shed light on both the opportunities and the challenges in this rapidly evolving field. Dr. Prades found the conference to be particularly enlightening, gaining valuable insights from a diverse range of experts.

Understanding what has and has not worked for similar rare conditions will hopefully help CureDRPLA make better informed decisions and bring hope to patients and families by continuing to explore potential treatment avenues.

The conference was co-organised by the REMEDi4ALL Consortium, the UK-based research charity Beacon for Rare Diseases, and the trans-continental network MeRIT (Medicines Repurposing International Network).